As Impact! Technologies continues to grow, we expect lots of happy clients. Here are some GREAT things that have been shared about our owner, Troy Brazile, and his commitment to making a positive Impact! on his client’s satisfaction. Comments are from Troy’s former managers, staff. vendor partners, and most importantly – his customers.


“Troy is hardworking and conscientious. He is customer driven, and looks for ways to constantly add value for the client. I have worked with Troy in several different capacities over the last 10 years, and I would be quick to recommend him (and hire him).”
- Darryl H, February 2010


“Troy has been a consumate professional at (his former company) leading their Microsoft teams in an enviable fashion to his peers. Troy has been recognized routinely by HP for technical & thought leadership. Keenly aware of business value and customer benefit all the while sensitive to cost of ownership and return on investment for his respective projects.

- Mark H, February 2010


“In my 25+ year career in IT, Troy Brazile has easily stood out as one of the best managers I have ever had the privilege for whom to work. He can take the task you are doing and explain how it fits into the bigger picture and vision – and that has made the project work so much easier to do and fully understand. His professionalism is nothing short of astounding. I truly cannot say enough about Troy and his leadership and friendship. I highly recommend Troy to anyone who is wanting to make their business and people around them better. He is one of the few people who can make such a difference. I know I am a better Engineer and person for having to work with and know Troy.”

- Duane F, March 2011


“I’ve been (with my present company) almost ten years and you have been the best IT support person that we’ve ever had in my personal opinion. I know there are many others here that would agree. Thank you for always being so professional and courteous as you assisted all of us.”

- Gretchen H., February 2012