Inspect, Assess, Confirm

Inspect, Assess, Confirm

In a show of force, SWAT teams from the Evansville Police Department in Indiana raided a home on June 21st in response to serious and significant threats against the department.  After the events of Oklahoma City and 9/11, and other numerous attacks on civilian and government facilities, the police obviously take these things very seriously.  Officers broke down the door, tossed in several flashbang grenades and seized the home’s computer and network systems in response to this threat. The only problem is, they had the wrong house. 

At the root of the error was an unsecured wireless access device.  While I am not privy to the details of this investigation, this is not an uncommon problem.  While this terrible incident impacted a very frightened family, a similar incident could have devastating effects on your business.  Several businesses offer unsecured Wi-Fi internet access for the convenience of their employees and clients.  However, such convenience bears a stiff price if your network resources are used to commit a crime.  The good news is that in many legal cases, in particular the more visible ones of the RIAA and entertainment industry pursuing illegal file, video, and songs, businesses have not been liable for the actions of their employees.  However, what happens if your server is hacked, and used to send out spam emails?  Or worse- a hacker uses your company’s resources to commit a crime, such as phishing and credit card fraud.   Your assets could be seized as evidence, or at the very least your domain and web servers blocked by spam and anti-virus filters.  Either way, the cost to your business can be excruciatingly painful.


Today, Impact! Technologies launched a new product – Impact! Pharos.  Pharos can provide you a quick network assessment to determine your business’ risk.  Our general assessment meets most businesses needs, and is available at a flat rate of $295.00.  This includes the initial electronic data gathering exercise, a formal report outlining what was scanned and the findings, and consultation on potential remediation and an assessment of what the risks mean to you. However, for a limited time, we are currently waiving the fee and offering network evaluations at NO CHARGE to businesses and organizations in central Arkansas.  Call (501) 588-3440 for details or email us at


While hackers and malware is more likely to kick in your door and seize your systems than local law enforcement are, you shouldn’t have to fear an intrusion of any kind.  We’d love to  bring our brand of “Worry Free I.T.” to your business today!


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