How to Check Your Internet History

How to Check Your Internet History

In our Internet Safety for Parents seminars, we always encourage parents to review their Internet cache.  And I always get asked, “How?”


In most Windows browsers, just remember these keystrokes:


That’s it!  This works on most Internet Explorer versions, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.


In Mac systems, you are probably using Safari.  To view your browser history, open up your Safari Web browser.  Click on the History menu and hold down the cursor.  You should see a list of the last 10 Web sites that you’ve visited, as well as dates representing your browsing history from previous days.


It is important to recognize that your kids may NOT use the same browser that you do.  Check your installed programs and look for the web browsers above.  You need to check all of them.


Simple, huh?  Yeah it is.  The downside is that your kids likely know this, too.  If you see huge ‘holes’ where the history has been deleted, it may be a sign that someone using the computer is trying to cover their tracks.  Most browsers, including Internet Explorer, also have a Privacy mode that does not save history.  This is why simply checking the browser history isn’t enough.  Parents need to have an open conversation with their kids about their web activity.    Checking browser history is only one way of performing ‘checkups’ on what is happening on your computer.


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