In today’s technology era, most professional organizations have a regular computer technician or organization that they are working with. It’s not difficult to find someone who ‘knows’ Information Technology (IT).  However, our customers tell us that finding an IT Provider who understands business, and understands how to relate the technology to what’s important to them can be difficult.

Focusing on YOUR business is our mission. We ensure that your business computer systems are working when you need them and performing to your requirements. We help your users understand how to use the applications to make them more productive, and more importantly – more profitable!  We are convinced, and our clients confirm, that we can do it BETTER.

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  #1: Proactive, Not Reactive: Don’t wait until your computer has problems to call for help! Let our Impact! Sentinel service predict system failures and keep you running at top performance!  Our engineers work 24×7, with a guaranteed FIFTEEN MINUTE response time on all critical systems , limiting unwanted system downtime.
   #2: Increased Uptime: Most offices rely on their systems from 8 to 5. Unlike other computer support organizations, we understand that. Where possible, we strive to schedule your computer work on the weekends and evenings to minimize downtime to YOU. Best of all—it’s included at no additional charge!
  #3: Measured Success: Monthly data reports, with feedback and analysis from senior engineers, ensures that your systems are exceeding expectations and prove that the Impact! methodology is working for you.
   #4: Unmatched Experience: Our programs follow the ITIL model—an industry standard set of best practices designed to decrease outages and restore service as soon as possible. Our senior engineers have supported some of the largest data companies, most critical systems, and have the top industry certifications. Our competitors simply can’t compare.