Impact! Technologies officially launched in 2012, but experience runs several decades deep. Owner and Senior Systems Engineer Troy Brazile has been in the computer reseller and support business since 1988. During that time, he has provided computer systems, networking and security support to businesses with as few as one computer at a single location, to international companies with over 6,500 employees. Computer systems, software, have become more powerful (and much more complex) since then, but a few consistent lessons have remained true.

First, computers are an integral part of our fast paced business world, and they need to function as designed to support your businesses effectively. Second, computer systems exist to enable businesses to be more productive and to generate a positive return on investment. And finally, unmanaged computer systems that do not function correctly or effectively can be a costly distraction from a business owner’s primary day-to-day activities.

Impact! Technologies provides solutions that address all of the above. Besides general consulting, we offer the following specific products to address your business computing needs:

Impact! Sentinel RMM

Remote management and monitoring for complete system care. Cover all of your regular support needs and get proactive support for one flat monthly fee.


Impact! Watchtower Cloud Based Backup

Cloud based backup solutions that securely and effectively ensure that your data is backed up and available when disaster strikes. Comprehensive solutions are available from simple offsite backup to complete disaster recovery/high availability plans for your business.