Internet Safety for Parents

Impact! Technologies of Arkansas is proud to sponsor a seminar designed exclusively for parents of children age 7-17, entitled INTERNET SAFETY FOR PARENTS. The internet and personal computer are an integral part of our children’s education. However, it also opens a doorway to expose your child to people and places that are inappropriate and dangerous. How can a parent maintain some semblance of control over all of the darker parts of the internet and keep our kids safe?


Troy Brazile will be presenting real life strategies, practical tips, and resources that parents can use to arm themselves. He’ll present information and advice on:


* How to establish and ongoing dialogue with your children about the web
* How to set age appropriate filters, and when to consider monitoring software
* How to teach your children to protect their personal information online
* How to review your child’s online activity through your computer’s ‘browsing history’
* How to set up family cyber security protections, and more


The seminar will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 17th at St. Michael’s Center, 12415 Cantrell Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. The seminar will last one hour, with an additional 30 minutes for Q&A. There is absolutely no cost to attend, although small donations to cover the cost of the building and coffee/snacks will be accepted. However, we ask that parents PLEASE not bring their children – the subject matter can be age-inappropriate, and we need to be able to ask and answer questions without concern over little ears, or to the embarrassment of our teenagers.


For more information, email or call us at 501-588-3440.


Again, this seminar is free, and open to the public.


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